Tips to get pink lips naturally

Soft Pink lips are the pride of a pretty face; it can brighten anyone’s face with a cute smile. Pink colour lips show how healthy you are. It is one of the most important parts of our face and the center of attraction. No one can deny that a good smile increases the facial tone many times. Everyone wants their lips to be soft, pink and attractive, but for some people it remains a dream. I am not saying that to get pink lips is not possible. Yes, it is possible. If you will follow some important tips to get pink lips naturally then you may achieve it.

Pink lips

How can get pink lips naturally:

Hydrate Yourself to get beautiful lips:

It is one of the important and basis tips to get pink lips naturally. As we all know that water is life line of our body. Our body fluid contains 70% of water. Each body cells, tissues and organs require an adequate amount of water to maintain and regenerate. The hydration helps to bring a pink colour and a lush look to the lips. Use moisturizer and balm to moist your lips are insufficient, internal hydration is also important. So be hydrated, drink sufficient amount of water and liquid.

Vitamin E is essential for soft lips:

Vitamin E is having an ability to boost circulation and it may also help to generate new skin cells along with making your lips softer. Use Vitamin E enriched diet like Wheat germ oil, Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Peanuts, peanut butter, Mango, Avocado, spinach and Pumpkin. The supplements are also available in market choose a good one and use. You can also use Vitamin E capsules directly on lips by cut, open and apply. It will help to get pink lips naturally.

Avoid Sun Exposure:

The direct sun exposure may increase the darkening of the lips. The sunlight is having different type, especially harmful UV rays of radiation, which increases the synthesis of melanin in the body. Prevent your face from sun exposure and use good quality of lip balms and other lip care products. It is also important and fundamental tips to get pink lips naturally.

Avoid Tea and Coffee to get soft and pink lips:

These beverages contain caffeine, the caffeine has a diuretic property and increase dries up your skin. The hot coffee may also increase the pigmentation on your lips. So reduce the consumption of tea and coffee or replace with green tea.


Girl smoking

Quit Smoking to prevent darkening of lips:

The nicotine found in tobacco having the same property as caffeine. The smoking actually dehydrated, your lips by removing water and oil content. The lips have very gentle skin and the tobacco in the cigarettes can make your lips dry and darken. Smoking is injurious to health, quitting is the best tips to get pink lips naturally.

Wrong Cosmetics will increase the darkening of lips:

Low quality cosmetics are prepared from chemicals or harsh ingredients may cause your lips to look dull and unhealthy. It is also necessary to see the expiry date of products before use.  Expired products may have a bad impact on your lips. Always use good quality lipsticks, lip balms and lip primers.

Don’t lick your lips and prevent dryness:

I have often seen many people who constantly lick their lips. And when I asked them why they do this? Some said that this is their habit and some argued that by doing this their lips remain smooth and hydrated. But their reasoning is not correct, It will increase the dryness and remove smoothness. It will also cause the darkening of lips and chapping.

Home remedies, Advice to get pink lips naturally:

Sugar and honey scrub

Use of Honey and Sugar Scrub and remove lip dryness:

The dead cell accumulation is one of the major sources of lips darkening. We can remove dead cells from lips with the help of natural scrub. These scrubs are highly effective to get pink lips naturally.

How to make Honey and Sugar Scrub: Take a spoon of brown or white sugar add one spoon of honey. Mix both ingredients together properly and make a paste. Now your scrub is ready for use.

How to use:

Apply on your lips and massage gently for one minute. After massage leaves it for a few minutes and then wash it off with normal water. Use this scrubs 2-3 times in a week.

This scrub will help to get pink lips naturally. The sugar exfoliates the lips very gently without causing any harm and discomfort. It contains antioxidants that prevent the lips from harmful effect of sun exposure. The glycolic acid found in it works as a conditioning agent and prevent the lips from environmental toxins. Honey helps to moisturize lips and the enzyme present in it help in lightening of lip colour.

Use of Saffron and Milk Paste and change lip color to pink:

The saffron and milk paste is one of the most effective tips to get pink lips naturally and healthy lips.

How to make Saffron and Milk Paste:

Take a tablespoon of milk and add two or three strands of saffron and get mixed together properly.

How to use:

The best time to use this solution is the night when you are going to sleep. Wash your hand with soap and then apply the solution on your lips gently and leave it overnight.

Saffron helps to prevent harmful UV rays and provides natural pink colour to your lips. The milk provides the natural moisturization to lips and also help to remove dead cells.

Lip Balm Scrub:

Take lip balm, sugar and a tablespoon of coconut oil and mixed all well. Now lip balm scrub is ready to use. Take small portion of scrub and massage it gently across your lips for one to two minutes. It will help you to get the get pink lips naturally.

Almond oil and lemon Lotion to get pink lips naturally:

Almond in one of the most recommended ingredient in Ayurveda for the treatment of skin and lips dryness issue. It is one of the best remedy for lip care.

Take a tablespoon of almond oil and the same quantity of lemon juice. Mix well and apply across the lips and leave it till the oil gets absorbed completely. The lemon is a natural bleaching agent which helps to prevent the darkening of lips and also lighten the lips. The almond oil acts as a moisture and prevents it from getting chapped.

beautiful lips

Shea butter or ghee:

Shea butter or ghee is one of the best moisturizer for lips. It contains essential fatty acids, called Omega-3 fatty acid. It provides deep nourishment to lip and makes them hydrated.

How to use:

Apply the Shea butter or ghee on your lips before going to bed and leave it overnight. It will give faster results, if you use it regularly. 

Vital, tips to get pink lips naturally:

Always use good quality lip care products, eat healthy and balanced diet and avoid caffeine containing beverages. Use lip balm regularly and cover the face when go outside in the day time to avoid sun exposure.

These tips are very effective to remove the darkness of lips to get healthy and beautiful lips without any medical treatment. Use these tips and send the feedback to us that how these tips to get pink lips naturally has benefited you and your friends?



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