how to remove freckles fast at home

We all want to have a beautiful, fair and stain-free face, but sometimes unwanted spots and stains appear on the face due to some reasons. The freckles are one of those same spot which are very strange to see. Why these spots appear and what are the best remedies of these spots? Here some tips how to remove freckles fast at home. These tips are very useful and the more that 85 individuals out of 100 got positive results and removes their freckles easily.

Why freckles Appears:  

There can be many reasons behind it. Some of them are as-

  • Regular and prolonged sun exposure can appear these spots on exposed areas.
  • Hormonal imbalance is also cause for freckles
  • Maximum cases the freckles appear after pregnancy the reason is hormonal imbalance.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency is also a reason behind the hyperpigmentation on the face and other body area.

How to remove freckles at home quickly:

There are so many home remedies are available which are beneficial to remove these freckles at home, but I have selected the best home remedies to remove freckles easily.

gram flour remove freckles

Rice flour Pack to fade the freckles rapidly:

The Rice flour pack is very easy to prepare and use. You can use this face at any time in a day. You can apply it during your daily chores.


It is very easy to prepare. Take a full spoon of rice flour, half spoon of turmeric powder, half spoon gram flour and a small amount of milk or milk cream. Mix all these ingredients well to make a paste.

How to apply:

Apply the paste directly on your face and leave it till dry. After drying, rub with your hands and remove. Then wash it off with water. For best results apply it 2-3 times in a week. After a few days you will feel the glow on your face and it’s my assertion that you will recommend it to others.

Remove freckles at home easily Nutmeg, cumin seed and camphor face Pack:

cumin seed

Nutmeg, cumin seed and camphor face pack is very effective and will fade the freckles within 2-3 weeks. It will not only remove the pigmentation but also nourish the skin cell and protect from harmful sunlight.


5-8 almonds, 2 nutmeg, 1 spoon cumin, 2 tucked camphor and one big spoon orange peel powder. First grind almonds, nutmeg and cumin seeds, finely now add camphor to it. Then put a spoonful of orange peel powder in it. Now mix the whole mixture well and keep it in a container.


Take one teaspoon of powder out of this mixture in a bowl. Then add 1 teaspoon of curd or buttermilk and make a paste. Leave the paste for 20-25 minutes to soak all ingredients. After that, apply on your face and leave it till dry. After drying wash it off with water.

The Nutmeg help to remove spots on the face and the cumin reduces melanin production in the skin and protects the skin from the sun’s UV rays. Almonds are enriched with vitamin E and also having moisturing property. It also helps to reduce the aging of skin. Camphor and orange powder removes stains & spots on the face skin. Apply this pack for at least 10 alternate days to get better results.

best for skin care

Best way to fade freckles at home-Tomatoes 

Tomatoes act as a bleaching agent; it can help to remove the spots and cleanse the skin color. The tomatoes also have anti-aging properties, which can protect the face from wrinkles.

How to apply:

Take a tomato smash it properly in a bowl. Now apply the extract with pulp on the face including affected area. Leave it till dry and then after wash with cold water. Repeat this process 2-3 times in a week.

to get rid of freckles at home

Lemon erases the freckles Naturally:

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent it can remove the spots and lighten the skin colour. You can directly apply the lemon juice on your face and leave it till dry. Then after wash your face with water. This practice can be used on a daily basis.

Honey and Sugar Scrub Removes freckles fast at home:

Honey and sugar scrub is also very effective to fade the freckles fast. Take a small spoon of honey in a bowl, then add same quantity of sugar in it. Mix both ingredients well. Now apply the scrub on affected and rub gently. It will help to exfoliate the dead cell and lighten the skin colour.

Disappear the freckles at home-Honey and Lemon:

Honey contains enzymes which having skin lightening property. The combination of honey and lemon is also a very effective remedy to fade out the freckles easily. Take a small spoon of honey; add same quantity of lemon juice in it. Mix it properly and then apply on your face as a mask. Leave the mask for 20-25 minutes till dry. After drying wash it off by water. For earlier results, use it twice in a week.

remove freckles fast

Turmeric, lemon and rose water paste to get rid of freckles at home:

Take a tablespoon of turmeric powder in a bowl, add I tablespoon of lemon juice, then add 10-15 drops of rose water in it. Mix well and make a paste. Apply the paste on your face and leave the paste till dry. Then after wash it off and apply rose on your face. Repeat it twice in a week. It will not only remove your freckles but also lighten the colour of your skin.

Aloe vera gel best freckles remover:

We can also use aloe vera extract for the removal of freckles. Aloe vera has skin lightening properties; it can help to reduce the spots and wrinkles. Use it on a regular basis for best results.

Banana Peel to take out freckles easily:

Banana peel is also helpful to enlighten the freckles, it has bleaching properties and contain bioactive elements which reduce the melanin formation. Take a ripe banana peel, rub it on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. Use it once in a day for best results.

How Can I Prevent Freckles?

  • Use sunscreen before exposure to sun.
  • Exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells.
  • Cleanse your face with good quality cleanser.
  • Take proper care for hormonal imbalance, if have any symptom of hormonal imbalance then visit a doctor and follow the prescription given.

Generally freckles occur due to hormonal imbalance and it mostly affects the facial skin. Sun exposure is also a reason to develop freckles on the face or sun exposed area. You should try to prevent the occurrence of freckles by using sunscreen and the treatment of hormonal imbalance. If freckles developed then, use these tips how to remove freckles fast at home to remove the freckles. Try these and send me your experience by commenting. If you have any best home remedies then share me, i will publish it with your name and photographs.


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