Best homemade skin whitening body pack

Apart from the beauty of the face, the skin tone of your hands, feet and other body parts also matters. You can maintain your face skin fair and smooth by applying bleach, facial and makeup, but no one will appreciate your face beauty until your whole body has equal skin tone and texture. You can’t find it in parlour; it needs huge monthly expenses and time. Then what should you do? Don’t worry. I have a Best homemade skin whitening body pack, you can apply it on your whole body and sure you will get the smooth and fair skin. It is very easy to prepare, you can do it in few minutes.

Best skin whitening body pack at home

You can get the even skin tone of your body by using these three steps.

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Massage
  • Apply body pack

Step-1 Exfoliate to get fair skin

By exfoliation you can remove the dead skin from the outer layer of body skin. It can improve the texture and skin tone.

How to make a natural body Exfoliator?

You can make best natural Exfoliator at home by using flour, bran, rose water, coconut oil and vitamin E oil capsule.


Take 5-6 tablespoon of gram flour, 2-3 tablespoon of bran, 2 tablespoons of rose water, two table spoon of coconut oil. Mix all ingredients together well and make a paste.

How to apply Exfoliator to Remove the darkness of skin:

Apply the paste on your body and rub with gentle hands, not too hard for 5-10 minutes. Then after wash it with warm water.

Step-2 – Massage:

How to make massage oil at home for skin care?

Massage of the body will increase the blood circulation to the organs, tissues and cells, which helps to regenerate the cells and increase the new cell production. This massage oil will increase the skin tone also.


We can use Almond oil, coconut oil, 2-4 drops of vitamin E oil and essential oil which you want.


Take equal amount of almond oil and coconut oil, then add 2 capsules of vitamin E oil and 4-5 drops of the essential oil, mix all ingredients together and prepare the best massage oil.

How to apply:

Apply the massage oil onto your body, massage in circular motion with gentle hand till the oil get absorbed by your skin. Then wash or take a hot shower and wipe.

Best skin whitening body pack at home

Step-3 Unique body pack for instant skin lightening:


Multani Mitti, turmeric powder, lemon extract or lemon peel or orange peel or orange powder, rose water and yogurt.

How to prepare the body pack to lighten  the colour of skin:

Take a bowl and mix all in ingredient well and make it like a paste. Quantity of each depends upon your requirements. (Example- 5 tablespoon multani mitti, one tablespoon rose water, 2 tablespoon yogurt 3 table lemon extract or lemon peel or orange peel. Note, if the solution is thick, then add more rose water).

Apply the finest body pack:

Take a brush or you can use your hand to apply the paste on your body. It can use on the whole body. Apply the paste on your skin and spread it well. Leave the paste for 20 minutes till dry. Then after removing the pack by rubbing gently and wash with warm water or take a warm shower.


Make sure to prepare all three Exfoliator, Massage oil and body pack before start step one. You have to use all three steps within fewer time frames.

Exfoliator will exfoliate the skin and remove the dead cells in upper layer. It will also open the clogged pores which can help to discharge the body toxicants. Regular exfoliation will increase the skin radiance, glow and remove the skin dryness. It will improve the youthfulness.

Body Massage:

The massage makes skin healthy, smooth and glowing and protects from wrinkles. Body massage increases the blood circulation, which helps to regenerate new cells and improve the skin radiance. It also reduces the dryness of skin and provide shine to body skin.

Body Face pack:

The body pack contains yogurt, which has lactic acid and citrus which contain citric acid, these both are a natural bleaching agent. These can fade the dark colour of skin naturally.

The rose water present in it maintains the pH of skin and provides nourishment. It also helps to hydrate the skin and having a good moisturizing property. Rose water has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can prevent the bacterial activities that cause pimples on the skin.

The turmeric is one of the best ingredients for skin lightening. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties and also contains antioxidant. It helps to repairs the skin and prevent dryness. It also has anti-aging, it can diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple, and improve skin’s bounciness.

Multani mitti is a form of hydrated aluminum silicates, which contain metal molecules such as magnesium, sodium, and calcium. It is a very good cleanser and removes the dirt from the skin. Multani Mitti makes the skin shiny and spotless. It is also effective in removing facial problems like oily skin, acne & wrinkles.

Best homemade skin whitening remedy:

My skin whitening routine Home made bleach get instant brighter skin with this Effective formula

All suggested the Best homemade skin whitening body pack have been tried out completely. By using them you can also get healthy and healthy skin, just you have to use these expressions twice a week. But keep in mind that all steps have to be used and only hot water is to be used for washing. After all the steps are finished, provide your skin moisture too.

The Best homemade skin whitening body pack is used by the ancient beauties. Use it, and tell us about your experience and send us the after and before photographs. We will publish your experience on our next blog. If get benefited then please share with others.

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