How to choose a right bra

Along with enhancing the beauty of your face, keeping your body tone-up is also very important. Every woman wants to get a good figure, for this they do yoga, exercise and gyming. However, no matter how much the body is in shape, if the shape of your breast is not right, then you may not look as adorable as you might be. In such a situation, it is very important that you choose the right bra according to the breast shape. The question is how to choose a right bra? Here are some important tips to help you to choose a right one.

According to a recent survey, 80 percent of women wear wrong size bra. There are so many reasons behind this, especially, not knowing the exact size. Women usually do not measure their breast size before buy a bra. They just go to the store, guess her size or take suggestion from store keeper and buy a bra. Don’t do this, read the suggestions and choose a right size bra.

Type of Bra’s:

Before start a selection of size, you must have to know the how many types of bras are available in the market and when to wear it.

How to choose a bra for the Teenager?

The teen age bra is the best option for beginners.

It is a light weight and non-padded, non-wired and without hook bra These properties make it very comfortable to use. It is specially designed for teenager. If you are a teenager and you are going to buy a bra, then use a teenager type is a good choice.

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The Balconette

The Balconette bra is also known as Balcony bra. It does not cover your breasts completely, but it gives them an uplift and good support.

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T-shirt Bra

If normal jeans and a top is your favorite and you love to wear it, then a t-shirt bra is a good option for you. It is similar to a regular bra, but has only one difference is padded that make your figure perfect for a t-shirt or shirt.

One other difference, this type of bra does not have any stitching marks on the front. The shape of the ladies bra or the point of the breasts are not visible from the front. Due to these properties it is one of the best choices ​for tight fitted dress and top.

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Sport Bra

You might, often go to the gym and yoga classes or even do morning walks and jogging. These activities are very important to have fit and good body shape.

I am sure that you are also doing such activities, then sports bra is the best option for you.

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Strapless Bra

As the name, it is a strapless bra and It does not have straps. It is perfect for your one shoulder, off shoulder or any other sexy dress. You can also use the transparent straps with it, as per your comfortability.

Minimiser Bra

Minimizer bras are specially designed for those who have heavy breasts.  It covers the whole area of your breasts and keeps it in shape. Once wear it, then, need not to worry about your extra loose fat. If your organ is heavy and you have difficulty in choosing a bra then the Minimizer is for you.

Choli Bra

This is one of the oldest types of bra, you must have heard it from your mother or grandmother. It is highly recommended to wear choli bra under the ethnic wear. It makes your figure in the perfect shape. After wearing it you feel that the breasts are slightly upward from the front.

How to choose a right bra

Convertible Bra

The Convertible bras are the best among all types of bras. We can say that it works as a 4 bra. By using Its convertible straps we can convert it into halter, racer-back, one-shoulder or strapless. Although it is available in different colours, but the nude colour is most demanding.

Backless Bras:

So let us tell you the trick, as like the strapless bra is used to wear off shoulder dress same as there are also backless bras.

The backless bras does not have back strap or it may be transparent. You can wear it with your backless dress with full confidence without any hesitation.

Bridal Bra

If your wedding is close then it is for you. As the name speaks itself, it is meant especially for brides. It is one of the most demanding bridal accessories. If you want to bring romanticism in your married life, then you must try it and make collections.

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Maternity Bra

Maternity bra is specially designed for women who have recently become mothers. It helps you a lot during breast feeding. It is designed in such a way that you can feed your infant without taking off your bra. These are basically made from cotton and other soft fabrics which prevent you from any type of erosion and etching.

The most women stop wearing bras because of repeated breast feed. Actually, not wearing a bra at such a time can cause loosing your organ, later, which looks very embarrassing, so never stop wearing a bra.

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Push-up Bra

If your breast size is small and you are fond of wearing deep neck dresses, then pushup bra may be a good option for you. In this bra, your body look curvy and slightly upward or you can say that your cleavage can be seen. So next time, whenever you want to wear a sexy dress or showing cleavage, then definitely wear a pushup bra.

Demi Bra

Demi bra is designed for formal function and parties. You can use it especially when you are wearing a low-cut, wide scoop or square neckline.

The demi bra design has a slight cut-off cup that exposes the upper part of your breast and is set with wide straps.

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Full Coverage Bra

It is one of the most comfortable bra, it covers all sides of your breasts and provides complete comfort. It is mostly colourful and in floral print design. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then use it.

Built- in- Bra

It is not a normal bra, These bra cups are attached to a vest or spaghetti. Nowadays, built-in-bra is also used for front and deep neck back dresses. Most girls also have it built inside the blouse. Due to this, there is no fear of repeated strep coming out a wide-necked blouse.

Stylish Back Bra

These types of bras are very stylish having an attractive back design or nod at the back side.  You would have seen such kind of bra in bollywood and hollywood movies. 

These are mostly worn for pool or beach party. You can use it for both as a bra and bikini top. They are very stylish in appearance, due to which it is called the stylish back bra.

You will get these in every color. If you are planning for vacations at any beach, then do not forget to pack such a stylish back bra in your luggage.

How to choose a right bra?

These are some simple tips to choose right bra.

  • You must have to know of your size before choosing a bra, it is very important to know both band and cup size.
  • If it is tight on your body and leaving a red mark on your back, then it is small in size.
  • Your bra must be fitted to all around your body. It should be neither tight nor loose.
  • Always try to hook at the nearest point, once loosen, then try the next.
  • If your bra is easily turned around on your back then you need to a small size.
  • Try to find out that the cup is completely filled and no space left in it. If it is filled and escalated, means you are wearing aright bra.
  • If the straps of your bra are piercing on your shoulders, then change the bra timely.
  • The best tip to choose a right bra is that after wearing a bra your breast should be in between your elbow and shoulder.

How to measure bra size?

You have the take two measurements to find the exact size of your bra.

Band Size measurement

To measure your band size, take a measuring tape and wrap it around body at the lower part of your bra, where the bra-cups end. Ensure the tape fits perfectly, not loose or folded from the back. Note down the measurement then add 1 more to the number you received on the tape, this is your band size.

If you get an odd number, such as 29, 31, etc., consider the next even number as your band size. For example, if you measure 31, then your band size will be 31 + 1 = 32.

Cup Size measurement

Now find out the cup size, it is most important, you will never feel comfortable if the cup size is wrong.

To measure the cup size, first put tape over your breast and then measure around it. Hold the tape upright and measure it from the bulge and write down the measured number. But keep in mind that you neither keep it too tight nor loose, keep it.

To know your cup size, you have to subtract your breast size with band-size. If the cup size is 32 and band size is 30 then the difference is 32-30=2, means your cup size is B. Look the chart below. click link to calculate on- line

Difference between cup size and Band (inch)Cup Size
Less than 1AA

The purpose of this article how to choose a right bra is to aware you about the types, sizes and size measurement. If you use a loose and unfit bra, then you will not only torture your body but destroy your shape also. Always choose good quality of products because these are used for long duration, not as T-shirts or tops which are used for a few hours.

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